Our Story

Who are the people behind timi's slogan "made by happy people"? We are a group of fun-loving people, who create handmade jewellery that put a smile on people's faces. Our biggest priority is the happiness of our customers as well as our employees.

In the south of Sweden, you will find our design and management team, and in the Philippines, we have some wonderful women assembling our jewellery. Read more below!

How it started

The company was founded 10 years ago by Tifanny Drennow (from the Philippines) and her husband Mikael Drennow (from Sweden). The name Timi comes from the play of words with the first two letters in each of their respective names. They run this small business in the Swedish countryside while looking after their 3 boys who are 5, 9 and 12 years old.


We make sure that we leave a little bit of happiness in everything that we do. As our partners, you are rest assured that everything we produce is of good quality and help leave a positive impact in our world. Our jewellery is carefully curated and handmade, designed to create happiness in your everyday lives.


At timi of Sweden we care about the people we work with, how our products are made and the positive impact we leave in the world. Our factory is spacious and provides a good working environment for our employees, so that they can take pride in their work, and be happy and comfortable while working. We provide our employees with free food and a safe working environment. In everything we do, we want to leave the world a little bit happier.


At timi of Sweden, we take pride in being a company run by women. Both in our creative office in Sweden, and our factory in the Philippines, the majority of the staff are women. On our sites page "The Philippine employees" you can read more about the women who assemble our jewellery in the Philippines.

We only produce our jewellery after each order that our partners have placed, therefore minimizing our carbon footprint and avoiding dead stock.

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